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What is nagin and what are there source of power


1 What is the power source of nagin.

Nagin is a creature which is considers being half human and half snake. They have the ability to take the shape of any human. They have very mysterious power with them.

But from where they got power so much power. What is the source of their power .Why they are always hiding from the human.

Nagin nagmale

The answer is that the main source of their power is the nagmale. These nagmale have infinite power in them. And they are hiding from human. Because if any human got these nagmale.

2 The person becomes immortal if he got nagmale.

Nagin got power to do anything what they want. They cannot even die if you try to kill them with bullet or anything.

They become immortal and even not becoming older. They get what they want .Money power fame.


But how to get these nagmale .These nagmale is always with the nagin. And to get nagmale you want to kill the nagin.

3 Where these nagin found.

But where these nagmale is found. These nagmale is found at the deep forest. They can even take the shape of human to confuse anyone.

These type of nagin is called ichadari nagin. The word ichadari mean they can take shape of anyone according to their icha.

Because of that no one has able to find nagin very easily. But there is a way that you can identify nagin.    If they take the shape of human also.

They even bit and killed the person who tries to steal their nagmale.

4 Who is the partner of nagin.

Nagin not leave alone. They always leave with their husband. That is the nag. Nag also is very powerful.

If someone killed the nag by accidentally then also .The nagin become very angry and they do everything to kill the man. Who killed his husband.

They identify the person who killed his husband. Because the person who killed his husband. The person image is capture in the eyes of the nag.

So if you killed any nag. The only way to become secure from nagin is that. You just damage the eyes of the nag and burn his body.


So that the nagin did not see the image of her husband killer in his eyes. An you become safe from nagin.

If the nagin see you. Then no one can save you from that nagin. You can only become free from that nagin. If you killed that nagin.   

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