What is Dark web and how to use it

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What is Dark web and how to use it

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1 Internet is two type.

Internet is two types. One is the surface web that we use and the other is the dark web which the hacker used.

World Wide Web is divided into two types. First it is the surface web and other is the dark web.

Dark web is not accessible by Google it requires a special type of browser for it.

2 Browser require for Tor browser.

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Dark web is a Collection of multiple website which cannot be open in a normal browser to open Dark web you need a browser and that browser name is Tor browser. 

Tor browser is a special type of browser which hacker use to hide their IP so that nobody can trace the hacker.

3 Why the people use dark web ?

Dark web hide the person detail that is using it by passing their detail through multiple server and encrypt it at every step.

Before opening any website in Tor browser you need to be very careful because in Tor Browser many illegal activity have been done many and many Illegal thing have been sold in this dark web and even the spirit is sold to do some bad thing.

 However in Tor browser the website have domain name is .Onion. And as I told you that many hacker use tor browser so you would hack by some hacker if you open any website that the hacker created.

The dark web use crypto currency such like Bit coin and Monero. Because by using crypto currency there are no evidence of transaction and no one can track you.


As the dark web use onion routing in which it will change your IP address using multiple VPN(Virtual private Net) and it is very difficult to you to track back.

The people are using tor browser for the privacy of their data and many people use these dark web for illegal activity.

4 Many dark web website is banned.

The Silk Road is a very popular website for carrying out the illegal activity but in 2015 the US federal investigator had arrest the owner of the website.

In May 2019 the international police had arrest the owner of the two dark market place that is the Wall street market and Valhalla Market.

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In early November the FBI team have seal the dozen of Tor website including the most popular six Drug market website.

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