Jinn what are they and which power they have.

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Jinn what are they and which power they have.


1 From did the jinn word come from?

God have made all of us. They have also made some mysterious creature like jinn. As the god has made the human with five elements we all know. But the god has made Jinn with the fire element.

Actually the jinn word comes from the Arab place. It means invisible power. In Islam the jinn is called Jinnat. According to Islam there are three types of creature existing in this universe. They are the Jinn angel and human.

Aladdin movie cast

Jinn are a mysterious creature that appears in the story of the Aladdin and the magic lamp. On jinn many Hollywood movie have been made like Aladdin.

In that it is shown that Jinn has the power to full the wish of anyone. Who free him from the lamp. And they become the servant of them who free him.

2 They have many supernatural powers.

Actually a jinni is a creature that actually likes to leave along in the jungle. They have the power to do anything what they want and nobody can stop him.

They did not have any weakness. They can take the shape of anyone. They can fly in air. They cannot stop by anyone.

A jinn having horn

They can go anywhere on these earth in just a minute. If they become happy on anyone they give those guys everyone. What they want.

If they become angry on anyone than nobody can save him .Because no one has the power to control the jinn.

According to Islamic mythology Jinn is a creature which can be god or bad. They have many supernatural powers with them. This power depends on the type of jinn. Which mean some jinn has the power the power to control the mind of anyone.

3 Way to kill the jinn.

The Jinn does not have any weakness at all. Nobody can harm or kill him. But there is one way in which the jinn can be killed

Jinn in fire


That is in the jinn middle head is very weak. So if you try to beat him in the middle of his head with a stone .Then you can killed the jinn.

4 There is three main types of jinn.

There are three main type of jinn is there however jinn are more than 15 type. But in these articles I will tell you about three types of jinn.

First is the Malid is a jinn which is very much stronger and taller compare to the other jinn. They considered themselves superior then the human.

Malid very powerful gym

They have many powers. So if a human capture the Malid then the Malid does all things that the human said. They do not leave on earth. They leave in some other world. Malid is a very powerful jinn.

The next jinn are the Satan. Actually when someone heard about Satan .Then the first though come in mind. Is that they have the power to do anything. But that is not real.

The photo of Satan

Satan is a type of jinn and he has the power of only controlling the mind of human. And make them think evil and bad thing.

You must hear about that in everyone there is a Satan live. Actually it is the Satan. It makes the people evil and controlling his mind by playing by his though.

The third type of jinn is Ifrib. These jinn are mention in the quorum. These jinn are very powerful and very clever. Actually he leaves on the earth. They have made relation with human also. They just drink the blood of the human.

Ifrid jinn photo

This type of jinn does not come in control of anyone. Only with the help of the black magic these jinn are come in control.

The jinn are leaving around us and no one knows about that.

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