The Strange Origins of the werewolf The king Lycan father of werewolf

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The Strange Origins of the werewolf The king Lycan father of werewolf


1 Father of werewolf

Werewolf is a legend that were appear in Greek mythology with the legend of Lycan, the son of Pelasgus, who angered the god Zeus when he served him a meal made from the remain of a sacrificed boy. As punishment the Zeus turned Lycan and his son into wolves. Werewolf also emerged from the story of a father and a son who discovered a wolf pelts and this wolf have the power to turn people into wolves.


2 Many werewolf appear in 16 century

Many werewolves were existing in century ago and they were serial killer. In 1521 Frenchmen Pierre Burgot and Michel Verdun confessed that they have given their soul to the devil and they have turn into wolves a t the time of full moon and they have killed many children. After that he had been burned alive because the best way to killed vampire is that to burn them. Giles Garnier is also a sixteen century Frenchman who claimed that he had also given his sole to the devil and he had killed many children and ate them and he is also burned alive. It is also doing not known that these guys are ill or they are serial killer and have some mental problem. But at that time the people are very superstitious and they have believed such kind of person as an Beast.  


3 A study done at Australia Calvary Hospital

Some people believed that Werewolf change shape their size but the other thing they change their size at full moon because of cursed. According to a study done at Australia Calvary Meter Newcastle hospital, a full moon bring out the beast in many human. The study found that many people become violent during the full moon time between August 2008 and July 2009, 23 percent happened during full moon.The patient attack the stack and show the behaviors of wolf such as biting, spiting and scratching . Also many were under the influence of drug and Alcohol at that time. But they does not have any prove that why they have become so violent at the time of full moon. The scientist said that there are some medical disordered in such people.

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4 Werewolf is a folktale or real

Although many people believed that these type of creature does not exist in the world and they are all folktale which are become very famous and many of famous Hollywood movie have been made on it like the underworld series and the twilight series

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