Hell - 7 Real Things Everyone Should Know about the hell and it reality

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Hell - 7 Real Things Everyone Should Know about the hell and it reality


What is hell

Hell s a place where the people after the death were send so that these people got punishment for their evil work that they have perform on these earth. Many people also said that the earth is actually the hell.

These is the hell

 People who have done evil thing have to get punishment in these world .By some or the other way. Also according to some mythology the hell is nothing but it is the earth.  After the death of a person .The god first looks the man character that it has done some good thing in her life. 

If he always done bad thing in her life then the god remove his eyes and send him to the earth so that he get punishment for his evil work. Read on to learn a strange and mysterious that led many people to believe that hell is actually exist.

1 The Egyptian king was buried with gold and ladies to keep company in other world.

According to Egypt mythology after the death of the person .The person did go in any other world. It was found that when many Egyptian king were death  the solider of the king covered the body of the king with some cotton and buried it .

So that after their death their body did not decompose. And even it is discovered that near the dead body of the king many gold fruit and pet and many ladies were also buried near him. They believed that after their death. These things were help him in the other world. And the king does not have everything after death.


2 What Hindu mythology thinks about hell.

According to Hindu Mythology after the death of the person .The solider of Yamraj arrived and take the soul to the place of Yamraj. In this palace there is a person who keeps the record of every person in these universe and they tell about each detail about the person who were arrived in the palace. On the basis of his character the Yamraj send the person to hell or heaven. In hell the person is toucher very much.

God of death

3 The scientist discovers the world largest hole.

There is a place in the earth which was considered to be the hell of the earth. Yes I am talking about the biggest hole on the earth which was called Kola Super deep Borehole. The reason behind digging these massive holes is that in 1970 soviet scientist want to find out what is that beneath the earth. So that they dig a big hole in Russia .To find out what is there in beneath the earth.

These is the World largest whole

4 The scientist stooped the project.

The whole process is going well .Almost 24 year later the scientist did not found anything beneath the earth so that all the project were stooped in 1994. You thing that why after so many effort these project were stopped and why it is sealed .The scientist said that by going beneath the earth .The temperature were become very high around 180 Celsius and the machine part which were used in digging the hole where started melting. So that the scientist try to sealed the hole.

5 Many people claimed that they have heard some mysterious voice coming from the hole.

According to the local people who were residing near these holes .They were claimed that there are some mysterious voice started coming from that hole and so that the scientist believed that they have discover the way to hell. So because of these voices they have sealed the hole.

These is the world World largest whole

6 Door to hell or Gates of hell.

There is also another place on these worlds which were considered to be the fire of hell. In these places continues fire is burning from around 50 year. These place is located Turkmenistan Derweze which were famously called Door to hell or Gates of hell in English. The reason behind these fires is that in 19 the soviet engineer found that at these places there would be lots of oils. So they did the digging here. But they have found that at these place lots of methane gas is there inside of oils.

Door to hell in Turkmenistan Derweze

7 There is a big whole was developed accidentally.

The engineer spots the digging at that time. But there is an accident happen and there is a big hole was developed in these place .Which were put the scientist in trouble. Because the gas which were beneath the earth were started coming out. And these gas is harmful to people. There are two solutions for the scientist first they have covered this hole.  And other ways is to burn the gas. 

The first ways of covering the hole was costly and time consuming. So that they use the second way that is they have put the wire on these hole .They believed that all these gas were burnout .But after putting the fire not stooped and it was burning till now. Many tourists have visited these places to see that amazing thing. It was become a famous tourist place.


These is a big hole


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