Spirit | Definition of Spirit by hauntingweb

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Spirit | Definition of Spirit by hauntingweb


These is a witch girl

1 There are two type of ghost

In simple language Ghost is some sort of energy which was around us. It is believed that they are two type of Ghost. One is good and the other is bad. And almost all people things that this good ghost never tried to harm anyone and the bad energy can possess anyone and can kill anyone.

2 The evil spirit did not hurt you if you did not scare from them

 The bad Ghost is someone who has been died accidentally or who has been killed by someone. Whose soul is wandering in these universes .These evil spirit is try to target weaker person. Who is very coward and also who is very weak from mind and got sacred by anyone? First the evil spirit try to scare him by some of another activity  after that these evil spirit try to possess him and try to control his body and mind. The only way that you can be safe from these evil spirits is that you did not have to scare of them.

3 The evil try to do everything to scare them

The evil spirit tries everything to scare you. Like they would come to your dream and you also got scary dream and in your dream someone is trying to kill you. You feel the present of someone. Someone is calling you from backside and when you turn there were no one there and even you always heard he crying of someone in your house. But you have to become brave and try not to scare. Because the evil spirit did not do anything to you .If you will not become scare of these evil spirits.

4 Common places where evil spirit is found

The evil spirit is does not able to walk. They just drift and also any part of these evil spirits did not able to touch the ground. They always stand in air.  They always live in such place where no people living live the cemetery. Cemetery is the most common place where many people have spouted the evil spirit. Some type of spirit is residing in the river and lake and even these type of spirit does not able to do any harm to the human if the human is not in the lake or the river. First the spirit tries to do anything so that you would come near the lake. The evil spirit is able to take the shape of anyone. And they these evil spirits try to take you near the lake and then they just need some drop of water to kill you.  

These is a Cemetery

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