What is Brahma rakshas and where they leave

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What is Brahma rakshas and where they leave

Brahma rakshas is a rashak which is very powerful spirit. Even the people who are able to control the spirit are also done not able to control this type of spirit. This type of spirit is in very anger in nature. They get very angry in small thing. Read it to find out the strength and weakness of the Brahma rakshas. 

1 Actually the soul of Brahmin is a Brahma rashak.

According to Hindu mythology when a Brahmin dies by accidentally or naturally .After his death his spirit is gone to heaven or hell according to it work done on earth. If he done wrong thing on earth then his spirit goes to hell and if he has done Wright thing on earth his soul is gone on heaven. At hell and heaven the king of these places decide whether the Brahmin soul is allowed or not.


They actually look like a demon having two horns on their head.

2 Brahma rakshas want to leave on tree.

If the king does not allow the soul of the Brahmin to hell and heaven then his soul is gown back to the earth. After that the Brahmin soul find a place for their residences and he find  such place where no any human were reside and after that he take shelter there. Especially they live on tree and they live in banyan tree and pipal tree.

Brahma rakshas

3 Power of Brahma rakshas.

Brahma rakshas have special power and they have the abilities to take the face of anyone they have the power of control the mind of anyone. They can go anywhere and they can disappear. If anyone tries to disturb him or try to disturb his home where he is living. They become very angry and destroy the people who have done these.

this is an Brahma rakshas

4 way to control of Brahma rakshas

Bhram rashak did not have any weakness in spit they cannot come control of anyone. Because they are the spirit of Brahmin and they have knowledge of spiritualistic. So in order to take control over them the only thing is possible that you should establish a small Bhram rashak temple in your home and after that you need to do regular Pooja so that the bhram rashak will become silent and it will not hurt you.

Status of Brahma rakshas

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