The Untold Story of Asuras - Hindu Mythology and how they are born

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The Untold Story of Asuras - Hindu Mythology and how they are born

According To hindu Mythology Asur is a someone who has evil power and always think about destroying the human. And they think that they were superior to god and each human should pray to him and not to the god. Read on to learn about the birth of the Asur and the fight  between  the Devta and the Asur. 

1 Mother of Asur

According to Hindu mythology there is a Rishi in the Dwapar Yug Rishi Kashyap. Who have two wife one wife name is Diti and the other wife name is Aditi. Diti have done sex in right time and the son which he gives they were all of god character and they were called Devta. While the other wife has done sex in wrong time and the son which he give were all of evil character and they were called Asur.

These is Rishi Kashyap

2 The Asur take part in the samudar mathan.

The real story started when there is Samudar mathan is done. In which all the devta and the Asur were take part and the god Sheshnath have help both of them. But In the Samudar Mathan there is a very dangerous poison started coming out from the Samudar during the Samudar Mathan.

Samudar Mathan done by Devat and Asur

3 There is a poison coming out from the Samudar.

All the Asur and the Devta become anxious and they think that they cannot survive from these poison. They pray for god to help them. The lord Shiva appears and they have drink all the poison. So that the lord Shiva is also called nil kant.

4 The lord Shiva drink the poison.

There were many precious thing were got out from the samudar mathan and they were divide by the Asur and the Devta. But the main thing is  happen when the Amrit come out from the Samudar matan .All the Asur and Devta run to Drink the Amrit.

5 The lord Vishnu not want the Asur to drink Amrit.

The Amrit is something by which is someone drink it. He is not able to die by anyway. The lord Vishnu think that if the Asur Drink the Amrit then he will rule the world and spread his evil power on the earth.

Lord Shiva drink the poison

6 Lord Vishnu take the shape of beautiful girl.

So that in order to stop them the Lord Vishnu take the shape of a beautiful girl and come in between the Asur and the devta and started giving Amrit to Devta And The Asur. Actually he gives Amrit to Devta and Normal water to Asur.

These is Lord Vishnu

7 A Asur drink the Amrit.

There is a Asur whose name is Rahu who just goes and take the shape of Devta and started drinking Amrit. But the lord Vishnu recognized but it was too late because he had already gives him the Amrit. So the Asur Rahu cannot be dead so the lord Vishnu cut his head by his sudarshan chakar before the Amrit goes from his mouth to his stomach.

8 A big Fight started between Asur and Devat.

So that the Asur head is alive because of the Amrit and then after that the Asur said that the Devta cheated him. And then a big fight started between Asur and Devta. But as all the Devta were already drink the Amrit so that they cannot be dead and that why they defeat all the Asur and killed him.

These is a Asur

9 Guru Shukracharya guru of Asur alive the Asur.

Guru Shukracharya who is the guru of all the Asur  and also have the knowledge about the Amrit have heard that all the Asur were dead then he come and give Amrit to those Asur whose head  were not cut and alive them.

10 Guru Shukracharya warned the Vishnu that he and his Asur were come back.

The Guru Shukracharya has told Vishnu that you have done very wrong thing. You killed all Asur by deception and for which human you have done all these. Those human in the Kalyug become so bad and evil. Such that they were started to kill each other. At that I and my Asur come to destroy the earth. And when I come in this earth with my Asur at that time is the end of the Kalyug.

These is Lord Vishnu and Rishi

11 There is a Asur Kali come to destroy these earth.

According to Hindu Mythology there is another story in which when the entire human become very evil. Everywhere evil and bad thing were spread .When the end of Kalyug come then the Asur Kali come to destroy these earth.

These is the Asur come at the end of Kalyug

12 Lord Vishnu take birth on these earth.

In order to stop them Lord Vishnu take the birth on earth in the form of kalki and destroy the Asur Kali and all the evil from these earth.

13 There is a web series based on Asur Mythology.

 Based on these there is a very famous Indian web series Asur were made .And these web series is one of the best web series I have watched. In which there is a story of a boy who considered himself. Asur and stared killing everyone and give message to the god and challenge the god.

These is an Indian web series

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