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The devil bible the book of the devil


1 Why it is called devil bible.

In these worlds there are gods and there are devil. The bible is a book by which will help to follow the path of god. Just like that there is a bible which makes you to follow the path of the devil. It is called the devil bible. The devil bible book original name was the codex Gigas. The book is called devil bible because there is devil is made on the first page of the book.

a person is reading the devil bible

2 The weight of book was 165 pound.

This book is 36 inch long 20 inch width. There were totally 320 page in these book. But at now there were only 310 pages. No one know that were that 10 page is gone. The scientist tells that in construction of this book 107 donkey skin were used. The weight of this book was 165 pound.

Researcher study the devil bible

3 The devil helps to write these books.

There is a monk who has broken spiritual vow and so that he had a death sentence .Before one night the death of the monk. He started to write a book .But as he started writing the book. He had a deal with the devil .In that deal he said that he give his soul to him. And in exchange the devil helps him to write the book. The devil accepts his deal and helps him to write a book in one night.


4 A normal person can write these book in 30 year.

The scientist has done research on it and they have found that each letter of these books is same. The scientists have said that anyone who is try to write such kind of book and if he write day and night also. Then he is able to complete these books in 5 year. And in that five year the writing is going to change.

photo of devil bible first page

5 The book is now at national library.

But the most amazing thing is that if you also combined the picture and sculpture then it will complete 30 year to complete a book. And it is most amazing that these books are to complete at one night. In that book there are so much information is given about black magic and exorcism. In today time these book is at national library.

Devil bible at national libaray

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