Myths and mysteries: The haunted Tower of London by hauntingweb

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Myths and mysteries: The haunted Tower of London by hauntingweb


1 Many stories is famous about Tower of London.

Each place in this world has their own history. One of such place is the Tower of London. It was built around thousand of year ago and then after many people has died in this Tower. And still you feel the soul of these people. This tower is situated in the Center of the London city around the Themes River. These Tower is made by William in 1078 .In the formation of these building many precious stones have been used. Which were brought by French.

Tower of london

2 Many punishments given in Tower of London

This Tower is conspired to be the most beautiful Tower of that time. But in these tower many prisoner is also kept and many were hang in these tower .While many people is killed in these tower. Whose soul is wandering in this Tower which was seen by many people .In this tower the cutting of head is also one punishment.


Tower of London

3 Many famous personalities have been suddenly death in the tower of London.

Around 1483 the two princes were murdered in the tower. And their murdered mystery remains unsolved. Many people see the soul of these two princes in this Tower. The people who see the soul they said that these two princes did not walk they just drift and go inside the wall and become vanished. Also many people complained that they have seen a headless figure roaming in the Tower.The headless figure Anne Boleyn who is the second wife of Henry Austen .Henry Austen cut his head in 1536.  It is said Anne Boleyn was pregnant at that time. But she did not become wife. So that Henry has given death sentences to him. And his spirit is also wandering in this tower.

4 Many solider see the headless figure

In 1864 a solider found a headless man while he was guarding the Tower and then by seeing this headless man he shot him. But the headless man got disappears and the solider was become unconscious. And not anyone believed him and he was about to court- martialled. But many other solider also claimed that they have seen this unknown figure while they were guarding the Tower at night.

5 Many tourist complained that someone is calling them for behind

Almost every castle of England is seemed to be haunted by a common woman who was wearing white dress. And even many people said that smell a strange old perform from these white women. Many tourists also claimed that someone is tapping on their solider and calling them for back side. But when they turn and see. Then he found that there is no one there.


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