Are Mermaids Real? Mermaids 'Caught on Camera by hauntingweb

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Are Mermaids Real? Mermaids 'Caught on Camera by hauntingweb



1 Mermaid is a mysterious creature

Among many years ago. It is believed that there are many mysterious creatures residing inside the sea. Including serpent and mermaid. Mermaid is a mysterious creature. Whose half body is look like animal and half body look like fish. There are many creature in the world which are unknown. Not we have discovered all living thing in the world. Many new creatures have been discovered day by day. In Today time. But there are many other living being residing in the ocean. One of such thing is Mermaid. But the science did not accept that any of such creatures were exist in this world.


2 Many people have said that they have seen the mermaid

Many people have claimed that they have seen the mermaid. They have been said that they would look like a beautiful girl and his half body is covered by a strange large tail. Beside these many photo and video clip were viral of this mermaid on social media. But the science said that they were all fake. Even many people try to hunt the mermaid. But they did not able to catch him. They said that they were very fast and smart.

Sea hunting

3 Many book were written on mermaid.

C.J.S Thompson ,a former curator at the Royal College of Surgeon of England. Notes in his book .The mystery and lore of Monster. In his book he describe about the mermaid. He told that there is fish god who’s having a crown in his head and a body like a man but from his waist downwards he has the shape of a fish. According to Greek Mythology there was a god triton .The merman messenger of the sea .And much modern religion worshiping mermaid.

This is a real mermaid

4 It is believed that they are our ancestor

 There was a television show. The little mermaid. It was a sanitized version of a Hans Christian Anderson  fairy tales first published in 1873. Meri Lao, in his book Seduction and the secret power of women .He told that Shetland island real mermaid were living their they were look like a beautiful women. Some of even thought that. Many year ago the entire creature were living in the sea. But then after many creature left the sea and came to the land. The creature who were come to the land were become human. And the creature who reside in the sea. They have become mermaid and fish.  

This is a mermaid

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