Harold the Haunted Doll: The Terrifying, True Story of the doll

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Harold the Haunted Doll: The Terrifying, True Story of the doll


1 The doll automatically moving her face

The story of Harold doll was started when a man Greg whose was a young Film maker put these doll in auction in eBay and he claimed that the doll was haunted. After that these doll were become very famous it is also discussed on Art Bell Coast to Coast radio show. And Greg also tells about her story that after her son dead there are some mysterious voice started coming from the doll. Sometime the voice of laughing of small boy coming from the voice and sometime the voice of crying a small boy is also coming. A video was released and in that video it is shown that the doll move here hand and face automatically.

Harold Doll

2 The owner sell these doll in a auction

Greg hopped that he would get around 30$ to 40$ for this doll he also thing that if he get 9$ for doll then he sell it. The auction ended and the price of the doll would be 700$ but the buyer could not pay the price so he restarted the doll. After that Katty wined the auction and whose was Greg  friend and he  take the doll after three to four month Katty claimed that these doll were haunted and some mysterious voice coming from that  doll.

Harold Doll

3 Only three month the new Owner two roommate were died

In 2004 Katty put this doll on auction in eBay to sell it. He told that these doll were not haunted in fact these doll were Cursed. He just says this thing so that he would sell the doll. He said that he was living in Ireland  and these doll were not haunted but these doll were cursed because it cause the dead of two man in Six year when he had try to restore it. He said that he had a roommate which was a athletic and very healthy and the doll were kept near here room after six month her roommate were died due to lung cancer. And her other roommate were died mysteriously.


4 Many crew member become Sick in TV show in which it is placed.

After that these doll become very famous and these doll were also shown in many TV show by paranormal exert. But they claimed that after the shot many crew member of the TV show were become sick and they also feel that some negative energy were residing near them in the TV show.

haunted TV


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