Did real life curse Annabelle doll really escape from the warren Museum?

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Did real life curse Annabelle doll really escape from the warren Museum?


1 Where the Annabelle doll was kept.

2020 is full of cursed because of the pandemic that have been spreading in this year one more thing that have been given addition dread to this year the escaped of a cursed doll The cursed Annabelle doll.  Annabelle doll were become famous after the release of conjuring movie. After that these doll were become so famous that sequel movie on Annabelle doll release. The real cursed Annabelle doll which was acquired by Ed and Warren in 1970 which is currently located at Warren’s Museum in Connecticut, USA. They had termed the doll Demonically Possessed.

Annabelle doll museum

2 On 14 August the rumor spread that Annabelle doll were missing

On 14 August a rumor started spread and went viral on social media. That the Annabelle doll was escaped  from the warren museum. After that many rumor were spread in the social media. But it was not on rumor that were spread in social media. A series of edits were made to Annabelle Wikipedia started on 14th August about where the doll were residing. This adds a boost to the rumor of missing Annabelle doll.

Annabelle doll

3 Tony Spera son of Warren confirmed that the doll is not

These were all bad news it was all rumor. In 2017, the warren Museum was forced to close, due to the zoning violations, and all the material which were all in the museum was given to the warren son Tony Spera. Tony Spera posted a video on you tube and in that video she is showing the Annabelle doll which were in the cage and did not escaped from her cage. Spera is saying that she is hear in the museum because of the rumor of the escaped of the Annabelle doll. She said that she did Annabelle were in cage she did not escape she did not go for a trip and she did not go with her boyfriend outside

Ed and warren




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