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area 51 did really it is a military base?


Did America is hiding something from us. Area 51 is a place which is hiding from us and from many year no one know about area 51.

photo of area 51

But as the time passes the people started to known about these place. And in 2005 the people of America demand from government to known about area 51. Then the government tells that area 51 is a weapon testing base.

 Whenever the map of area 51 is prepare by Google the America government always interfere in it.

1 Many people have claimed that they have been seen UFO sitting in Area 51.

Area 51 is a place which is situated in South Nevada in the united state of America. It is a place which is hidden from us. Nobody allow to visit their .Even the pilot who is visiting from there with his plane is given warning that you are not allow fly in this area.

Area 51 is a place where the testing on alien is done. Area 51 is a place where the scientists are taken oath that the work he is doing her are not to tell anyone else.

A big UFO in space

 Even the scientists are not allowed to talk to other scientist and even they are not had allow to known the other scientist work. If anyone breaks the oath or try to know other work then the scientist is disappear from the earth.

The America tells that Area 51 is a military airport where all the testing of the weapon is done. But many people have claimed that they have been seen UFO sitting their .If the UFO sitting is their then who is there in these UFO. Are they alien? If they are alien then why they are coming in Area 51.

2 BOB LAZAR reveled the truth about area 51.

There is a person name BOB LAZAR who is telling from 1951 that he worked in area 51. BOB LAZAR worked in area 51 in S4 department on Alien technology.

He said that he sees from his eyes the construction of alien space shift and he also tells how they work. He also tells that the space shift use the elements 115 elements as a fuel which were given name Moscovium.


The strange thing is that before getting the name of Element 115 as Moscovium BOB LAZAR tells about it. He also said that he had read some government document and inside it was written that the alien have the connection with the earth from 10 thousand year ago.

Alien can read the brain of anyone which they know that what you are thinking. When no one believed on Bob LAZAR then he said in one interview that in area 51 9 alien were also working.

There is a documentary film is and e on it and it was available on Netflix. The documentary name is BAB LAZAR AREA 51 & FLYING SAUCERS.

3 A space shift crashed on 2 July 1947.

Many people have said that many years ago on 2 July 1947 in area 51 an alien space shift got crashed. Because the alien spaces shift did not able to control the gravity of earth and it got crashed.

police discovers a space shift

In that crashed many alien were dead and many alien were survive. The postmodern is done of the alien who died and treatment and testing were given to alien which were got injured in the crashed.  

In 1996 the America government Change the Nevada highway name from 375 to Extraterrestrial highway. Many possibilities is done to keep these place as secret. Even in the map of America it is not there.

4 In 1995 during Vietnam War the CIA have confirmed First time the existence of these place.

In 1995 during Vietnam War the CIA (Central intelligence agency) have confirmed First time the existence of these place. After that in 1998 when the cold war going on between Soviet Union and America. The Russia satellite takes some inside photo of area 51.

solider fighting photo

 After that it was confirmed that in these place there are 8 run way and it is the safest air base of America. In 2013 there is a report published from America government that there is a secret air base is there in area 51 not an alien testing site.

Many people think that in area 51 the change on human genetics is done .The America government preparing an army. Due to genetic change the army did not feel the pain. Superhuman is prepared there. They are preparing such a army which have super power.

5 A scientist published the photo of alien.

A scientist even published a photo of alien who is 200 year old and 4 feet long. When inquire is done on photo then it is found that the photo is real. No any photo editing and Photoshop is done on theses photo.  

Photo of alien published  by scientist

Even the rumor was there that the Alpo mission is fake and the whole shooting of this mission was done here. And some rumor was there that the thing we have considered as alien. Actually it was not alien but the people who were come from future. And due to evolution their body changed.

Mean first the human were monkey and due to evolution the human become human from monkey. And due to evolution the human become the alien.

Actually area 51 is an illusion actually there is area 52. And the governments try to drive the attention of people to area 51. So the work in area 52 can go and no one talk about area 52 .So that all the testing were cried out in area 51 safely.

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