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10 surprising secret of the Ancient Egyptian pyramid was exposed



These is pyramid

The Egypt is one of the mysterious places that exist in this earth. About 4000 year ago the Egyptian people live in Egypt and they have beautiful sculpture and pyramid in Egypt which was world famous. But these pyramids are so mysterious that many scientists think that it was made by alien.

The people of Egypt at that time were does not have so skill so that they can made such a large pyramid and that the scientist think that these pyramid were made by alien. Read on to understand the mystery of Egypt.

1 Did the pyramid was built by alien?

Egypt pyramid is a master piece and is a very famous and tourist spot. Pyramid is being studying by many years using many technologies but no one solve the mystery of pyramid. That the people of that time use which technology to built these pyramid. And how these pyramid was built .The people of that time used which technology to build these pyramid.
pyramid were built by alien

In pyramid there were 23 Lakh limestone rocks were there. And the weight of one limestone is from 2000 to 70000 kg .Even today modern crane which were used to build big apartment can lift only 20,000 kg .So how it is possible to lift 70, 000 kg about 4000 year ago .Which technology these people are having at that time. Did they were advanced then used. Many rumors were there that these pyramids were built by aliens.

2 There is a theory related to these pyramid

There is a theory related to pyramid which were called Orion correlation theory. When you see the pyramid at night you will see that it is similar to the constellation of star. These constellations is called Orion belt. In these constellations there are three main stars which were Mintaka Alnilam Alnitak.
pyramid Orion correlation theory


Many scientists believed that the alien were come from these star and brought advanced technology with them and they have built the pyramid with these technology. Many scientists also believed that the alien were living in these star. The people of Egypt made pyramid to show there connection with the aliens.  Although something is there some connection about the pyramid and these star.

3 Many tunnel were discovered inside the pyramid

A  man is discovery  tunnel

Inside the pyramid different tunnel were made and these tunnel .The people first thing that these tunnel made for ventilation purpose so that air can go inside and come out. It was proven wrong when a robot is send inside the tunnel and it was discovered by camera that the tunnel is closed and there is a door is made at every end of Tunnel.

4 A photo was taken by robot which was send inside these tunnel

By advanced drill machine when a hole is made at the door and inside this hole a camera is goes and the camera take a photo but after the photo the camera automatically stop. And the discovery remains unsolved. After that the government does not allow anyone to explore this pyramid.

                        A photo was taken by robot inside the pyramid

There is three discovered chamber in these pyramid. The first is the king chamber the second is the queen chamber and the third is the base chamber .But one explore these chamber properly and there are also many chamber which were not discovered. The tunnel is made because ether people of that time that if the tunnel is made properly then the king soul is goes toward the star. These are called Star Shaft Theory.

5 No mummy was found inside this pyramid.

 Many people think that this pyramid is made to keep the dead body of the king and the Queen in the form of Mummy. But you shock when you know that there is not a single mummy was found inside these tunnel .All the domes were remain empty and there was nothing were written in these domes there was not the mummy of king in the king chamber and no mummy of queen in the Queen chamber. So that many scientists think that these pyramids were not made for keeping mummy but there were made for some other purpose.

These is Egypt Mummy

6 Pyramid were the center of the earth.

It is also very amazing that the center of the world is the Egyptian pyramid. It is also can be a co incident but he the pyramid were made  no one known about the center of the earth .In fact the earlier people believed that the earth is flat in fact of round. So who they people found the center of the earth at that time.

photo of earth from space

Also one side of the pyramid was actually aligned to the north. If we draw a line from the center of the pyramid then it goes and meets the North Pole. Only a few distances are there. But you were amaze by knowing that about 4000 year ago. The earth land mass position was changed .So the few distance is something which were happen due to the moving of the tectonic plate.   

7 The stone used in construction of these pyramid were found not anywhere in these earth.

The stone which were used in construction of these stone were unique but very much stronger and scientist does research on it and have found that these type of stone were not found anywhere in these world.

pyramid stone

The technique which was used in construction of pyramid was Ball and Socket. Ball and Socket is a method which can tolerate the heat.  Which mean due to heat if the size of the stone become big then also it can hold the structure .These technique can also protected from earthquake.

8 The oldest ac discovered inside the pyramid.

Near the pyramid there were Egyptian desert which were near the pyramid is considered to be the hottest desert and hot wind were blowing here continuously. But due to this entire pyramid were made in such a way that outside the pyramid how many heat were there it was no matter. The temperature inside the pyramid was constant 20 degree Celsius which were a quite normal temperature .Which you called the earth oldest Ac.   

Different painting was made on this pyramid. In some of these painting there is a creature is a shown which were similar to the alien and there spaceship.

9 The Egyptian has the knowledge of electricity before 4000 year ago.

 In Egypt there is a temple whose name is Dendra light complex .The people of Egypt made these painting for their god. Whose name is Hathor . Which is considered to be the most amazing temple of Egypt? Whose half part is covered by sand but around 1850 the remain part become clean. When the remain part were clean then the scientist discovered a unique painting in these temple. The scientist called this art as Dendra light.   

painting of a bulb inside pyramid

In this art you will see some sort of light. Which mean that they were discovered electricity 4000 year ago.  Which mean they were very advanced at that time and they got all these technology from aliens.

10 The great SPHINX  was discovered around 1900.

The Great SPHINX is a sculpture whose face is alike a human but his body is not like a human. It is a mutant alien and also it is a mysterious sculpture of Egypt. These are the tallest status of history. You should know that it was not made from by many rocks. But it was made by a single rock. That why these status is in the list of largest single status.

Status of The great SPHINX

These status was remain inside the earth. But in 1900 the and above this sculpture were removed. Then after that these status come in front of the world. In 1995 the worker who were reconstructed these tunnel were accidentally discover many tunnel. In which two tunnels goes inside the earth. Which mean there is something mysterious world would be there inside in the ground.








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