Zombies – Do they exist in real life? and how they become real zombie

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Zombies – Do they exist in real life? and how they become real zombie


1 Dead people become alive

Are they rear or they are only folktale. In many Hollywood movie you have see  that the zombie and actually they are the dead walker they eat only the flesh of leaving human and animal and they are attracted toward light and sound and even the smell of blood. They are actually the dead person that become alive again and they walk like dead person.


2 Way to kill zombie

Zombie are something that could not be killed easily but if once they bit you. You also become like the same as zombie they do not have brain and even they did not thing like normal human being. There all body is dead and only some part of the mind remain active  and the other part of the body remain dead. Zombie did not get injured if any bullet get hit by his body. The only way to kill zombie is that you should hit bullet on their head or just cut his head by some sharp object.


3 The origin place of zombie

Many ancient believed that Many archaeologist have discovered that many grave in graveyard the Skeleton have been put under the  big rock they do think like this because  they thought that this undead people will never become alive again.The land near Caribbean sea is the place where the rumor of zombie started spreading. Zombie is like a dead people which were alive by some magician or by some scientific experiment and they like to eat the brain and flesh of human being There are many clip available on internet related to zombie. In today many zombie movie is released  and it is very famous.


4 The magician that made zombie

There is place called hatti and in this place there is some sort of people living which were called boker and they perform some sort of evil ritual to alive the dead people and the zombie do the same thing that the boker say him to do and even the people also believe that  inside zombie the spirit  of human was there and one who control the spirit will control the zombie.


5 Research done on zombie

There is a Canadian antibiosis name Davis which have very interest to know about these. So they go toward hatti. Davis have written two book on zombie in which the first book name is the serpent of the rainbow and the second book name is the passage of darkness. Davis also tell about two special type of powder and say that if anyone put these powder on their body they became zombie. In the first powder there is a position it is the same poison which were found on Japanese  Blow fish and these poison has the capacity to kill anyone. Many people believe that these drug do not change them physically but change them mentally they started to believe that they are zombie.



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