The Story of Lucifer-How He Fall and Become Satan?according to bible

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The Story of Lucifer-How He Fall and Become Satan?according to bible

1  Negative energy gives you everything

You know that in this world much bad and negative energy is there which cause harm to many human beings. They just want this beautiful earth turn into a hell. This negative energy is very powerful and they just want to rule in this earth. They just want that the human being not pray to the god but pray to them and in exchange these negative energy would give anything do you want. But in exchange he takes some price for that thing.


2  Negative energy get energy from where?

You should know the person who performs black magic and worshiping the devil would die accidentally or this person would disappear from this earth and no one find out where these person have been gone. This bad energy is very powerful and they attract the human being .All these bad energy are just follow the order of devil. And this negative energy gets their power from the devil.


3 Who is Lucifer angel or Devil?

You should all know about devil or heard about him but do you know who actually it? Actually devil or evil is an angel.  It is very powerful angel which was created by god. It is an arch angel and his leave in the heaven and in that heaven many other angels is also leaving. After that Lucifer become boasting because of her power and beauty and so he decides to become god. So he decides to fight against god and he started searching for other angel who were joining them and fight with the god. The fight started and there is another arch angel whose name is Michael and he fight with the Lucifer from the side of god.


4 In earth where these negative energy come from

The fight start and Lucifer army were started losing so Lucifer turn into a dragon and then also Lucifer loses and he were thrown outside the heaven and he become the king of hell and his all army were thrown into the hell. When he loose the match his face were become very scary. After that Lucifer want to take revenge from the god so he decided to destroy the most beautiful creature of god that is human and the after he spread all his army in the earth to destroy the human being.

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