Who is Binod

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Who is Binod


Who is Binod

1 No logic behind this Binod Trend

There is something or another which were became trend on the internet some ha logic behind that and some does not have logic behind them. Something is similar is to that Binod. Many people comment anything behind the video they does not constraint with that video. They just come here to comment here not come to watch video.

2 Where did Binod get Viral

Actually Binod is a name of YouTube channel name Binod Tharu and the name of the person is also Binod Tharu  and this guy go in the comment of every YouTube video and write Binod as an Comment Binod is a YouTube comment which become very famous and become memes of India on August 2020. It  first come from a YouTube channel  called Slayy Point.  Slavy point made a video on amazing comment and in this video he told that the comment Binod  is really amazing comment.

3 Many fake YouTube channel have been made

After that this comment Binod comment become viral and many people just go and comment Binod. After this viral Binod trend  Many fake Binod channel have been  made. At last all this were made for fun only. Only the people trend this Binod.

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