The truth behind for becoming a werewolves at the time of the full moon

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The truth behind for becoming a werewolves at the time of the full moon


1  Becoming werewolf on full moon

Werewolf is a human being or some mysterious creature  which were turned into a wolf by the time of punima. when full moon occur at night in the sky. It is a folktale or some mysterious creature nobody known that everyone thought that it is a folktale stories. The only way to become a werewolf is that you have been bitten by a werewolf and in werewolf many movie have been made like the underworld and the twilight in which it is shown the fight between the  vampire and the werewolf but it all about entertainment for the audience that the movie is shown the fight between vampire and werewolf.

Full Moon

2 way to become werewolf

If the werewolf have bitten you and if you are becoming werewolf then you should become very angry and if you would lost your mind and try to attack anyone who is near to you. Any creature who have been bitten by werewolf would become werewolf only during the full moon.


3 Symptom that you have becoming werewolf

If you want to check that if you have been bitten by some animal and that animal would be werewolf then you should have to check the following symptom appearing in you. First you should not able to touch the holy water or holy thing if you do this your skin would be burn. Second you would not be able to touch the thing Which were made of silver thing. Third you will not be able to control your anger and you would becoming violent and you should stared feeling that some unknown power is started growing inside you and you will becoming more powerful more smarter and more faster then anyone  normal human being. Fourth you have many hair coming in your body part.


4 werewolf hunter and way to killed werewolf

In ancient time many werewolf hunter were also coming to hunt the werewolf and it was very famous in early time but known as the time passes these werewolf hunter is becoming as only the part of folktale. The only way to kill werewolf is that you should killed him whenever the werewolf is in the form of human being and he is not in the werewolf wolf. You should use silver bullet insight of normal bullet to killed the werewolf. You should use some sharp wooden object and put this sharp wooden object in the heart of werewolf. You would also use axe or sword to cut the head of werewolf. By killing the werewolf one thing you should keep care that you would not be bitten by some werewolf.

Werewolf hunter

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