The Bloody Truth About Vampires and still where they live in today time

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The Bloody Truth About Vampires and still where they live in today time

1 The origin of vampire

Are these thing actually exist or it is actually a folktale. On vampire many movies have been made and many documentary has been made .In which the first movie which become very famous is the Bram stroke Dracula .In that the origin of vampire is displayed.In which were he born for the first time  that castle is also shown which were in Transylvania. Actually these Transylvania place is already exist in reality.


2 They cannot become old

In many movie it is shown that vampire will be killed by sunlight like the Blade and underworld movie. But in movie  like Twilight it is show that they cannot killed by sunlight. But one thing is common is that that one who has become vampire .He become very powerful and his age is also stop growing and he remain at the same age at which age he become vampire. He cannot become old he is always remain young and he cannot death like normal people.

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3 They cannot have shadow

You cannot see the image of vampire in a mirror or in a photo. The reason is unknown. The vampire is very fear of silver because the silver has the capacity to kill vampire. The vampire cannot enter in your room if you not invite them in your home .These vampire does not have any shadow. They are more smart then any other people. They are very fast them any other human. If you invite them in your home then they will be able to come in your come. The vampire also not like the smell of Garlic they feel very strange.


4 Way to become vampire

The vampire like to drink the blood of human and because of the blood of human they are able to survive .The vampire are attracted toward blood. They cannot able to stop them. Even they bit the person whose blood is leaking. The only way to become a vampire is that you are bitten by a  vampire. If the blood of vampire come into your blood then also you will be able to become vampire.


5 Way to kill vampire

The only way to kill vampire is that you should use a sharp wooden thing and put the sharp wooden thing in his heart. You can also cut his head and burn it and you can use holy water or holy symbol like the Cross.


6 What science say about vampire

Science that there is nothing like vampire exist. It is a type of disease in which the victim want to drink blood of someone. By drinking blood they get power. One way it is a type of intoxication to them. You known that if a person has intoxication of something and if he did not get the thing that he wanted. Then he would become mad also he become very angry. These disease does not have any treatment.

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7  They actually exist in New Orleans

There is place is New Orleans in America in that place the vampire really exist. They have different society of them at their. They drink blood and practice some spiritual .They look similar like a normal human being. But at every night they have the desire to drink the blood of someone. First  only 200 people like these were found .But today time they were around 5000 and they drink the blood of only animal. The government did not do anything to them. Because in America you can eat the flesh of animal so drinking the blood of animal is a normal thing.   


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