Top 5 Cursed Songs You Should NEVER Listen To Them or it will kill you

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Top 5 Cursed Songs You Should NEVER Listen To Them or it will kill you

1 CROSSROADS the singer deal with devil

CROSSROADS music was made by Robert Macchio . The rumor was that Robert Macchio had met with the devil in ECCP CROSSROADS . Where Robert had done a deal with the devil .The deal is that he want to become famous and in exchange he offer her spirit to the devil.Robert died at the age of 27 in that CROSSROADS because of the deals that he had done with the devil. And so that many people thing that who one listen this music repeatedly he died very quickly.

Devil singing

2 NSHA JI UTHO the singer and his song deid

This poem was written by Eaveneesa poet which were later converted to a song by Emanat Ali Khan and  broadcast on TV and this song become very famous in Pakistan during 1970. After six month of broadcast this song Emanat Ali Khan died. And  in which year this song broadcast in TV after Four year the poet of this song Eavenesa died because of cancer. In 2006 Emanat Ali khan son sing this song in a live concert between 1000 people. And due to some mysterious reason His son is also died like Emant Ali Khan dead after few month.

NSHA JI UTHO  writer


DEAD MAN’S CURVE was written by Jan and Dean . This song become very popular at that time in America . The singer of this song Jan is died because of a car accident. And the most amazing things is that the road in which Jan died is that the road name is also DEAD MAN’S CURVE. And so that who one has going this road had do not want to listen the song DEAD MAN’S CURVE.

Highway Road

4 GLOOMY SUNDAY many people suicide after listening this song.

GLOOMY SUNDAY was written in 1930 by American  singer Rezso Seress . this song also known as Hungarian Suicide song which was become very popular. And later after many people suicide after listening this song and even many people died by listening this song. The created of this song Rezso Seress and his girlfriend also commit suicide and then after this song become popular by Hungarian suicide song.

Gloomy Sunday writer

5 MY WAY song banned in Philippines

MY WAY was written by Frank Sinatra and this song become very famous in the world. But now this song is considered to be cursed . There  is something in this song by which after listening them many people have become angry and out of control. Especially in pipelines many people have done murder after listening this song. One case is that in a bar of Philippines a boy is singing this song and the bodyguard of this bar had killed  the boy. the murderer bodyguard say that the boy is singing very badly this song so that he killed the boy. after this incident this song is banned from Philippines.

Philippines people

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