Okiku, The Japanese Haunted Doll whose air is grown like real human

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Okiku, The Japanese Haunted Doll whose air is grown like real human


1 doll hair grow like human

Okiku is a doll that was made in Japan and it were very famous on all over the world.  His hair is grow like human hair in today also. It is said that the spirit of a girl reside inside the doll and the doll were now kept in the temple in lwamizawa.

Okiku doll

2 A girl having these doll for first time

There were many rumor and story on this doll but the famous story is that  in 1918   a little boy of seventeen year old boy brought this doll for his three year old sister  called Kikuko. Kikuko loved the doll very much the little girl take the doll everywhere where she go and she also sleep with her. But the little girl died due to catching a cold and then after strange thing started happening.

3 Girl spirit reside in these doll

After the dead of the girl the family of the girl  kept these doll in her house as a remembrance  of her little girl. They named these doll Okiku in the name of little girl. But as the time passes and then after the family member notice that the doll hair were started growing automatically like a normal human being The family started realized that inside these doll the spirit of little girl were there.

4 the family member give these doll to a human

1n 1938 the family member decide to move from Hokkaido to some other place. And all the family member were decide to not to take these doll with them. It would be better to left the doll in the island. So the family member left the doll with a monks at Manneneji Temple. And tell the monk about these doll that how the hair of these doll grow like human being. After that the family left the island and the okiku doll were now residing in Hokkaido island in the temple and even many tourist come in these temple to see the doll and they are not allowed to photograph it and even to touch him.

haunted doll

5 The monk cut the hair time by time.

In present time the doll Okiku has long hair and the hair is so long that it touch the feet of dolls. And the monk make sure that the doll hair were cut by time  by time. It is very danger thing to cut the hair of alive doll but some people said that the doll Okiku told one of the monk to cut his hair in his dream. But till now nobody has able to explained that why the hair of doll were growing automatically.

Okiku  doll

6 Doll teeth were also growing

 Some people also claim that if you go near the doll and watch the doll in his mouth you would see that the doll teeth were also growing. So if you want to see a mysterious doll whose  hair is growing like a human being you would go in the island of Hokkaido  and see these doll in the temple.

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