The true Story behind the Mandy, the Haunted Doll and it mystery

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The true Story behind the Mandy, the Haunted Doll and it mystery


1 You will strange energy near this doll

If you look the face of these doll these doll give a quite creepy strange and mysterious and many people feel some unknown energy around them. The doll is donated to the Quesnel and District Museum and the donator said that he has become very old to play with the doll so he donates this doll to the museum.

Mandy Doll

2 Many employee claims that the doll was watching them

When the curator took the doll  from the donator who was a old woman he felt uneasy and when he look the face of the doll his face look like quite Creepy and she wear a old dress. After that the doll is taken to the museum and kept in a place covered by plastic o that no insect and dust would affect the doll in that room some maintenance work is going on so many worker whole were working there have been claimed that when they were working they feel that the doll head were moving and seeing him.


3 The room of the museum was messed

After that Mandy has been taken to photograph so that to keep the record of the doll and the photograph is taken after that the doll is kept in museum at night and the next day when the people come they all see that in the room where the doll is kept that all room is messed and all thing were broken or felt down. After that these accident started repeatedly .After that Mandy is place on a display on museum. Many people have been claimed that when they were seeing the doll they feel uncertain.

Scary messed

4 The psychic discovered a story behind this doll

After that a psychic enquirer to investigate that whether the doll is haunted or not. The psychic tells that the doll is suffering from very pain but it was not the doll it was the spirit inside doll that were suffering from the pain. The psychic found a story that these doll where first found near a old farmhouse.

Mandy Doll

5  A man find a dead body near this doll

When he was passing from there he heard the crying voice. The voice is belonged to the child who and the man surprised to see a child in an abandoned place. The man go there and knock the door but no one answer and the crying voice continue coming after that the man go inside the house and felt that the voice is coming from her feet so he find an entrance to the underground room when he open he were surprised that by seeing that there were a body of a young girl with a doll in her arm.

Scary house

6 The donor tell she heard the crying of someone

A horrible story and the donor there is some link between them. After that the Curator of the museum decided to return the doll to the owner so he decide to go back and meet the owner when he meet the owner the curator become surprise that the owner not give these doll to museum because her daughter would brought it but it give the doll to the owner because when she was in the house she heard a strange crying coming from her home.


7 The strange crying have been stopped coming

The old women try to find the source of the doll but he cannot find them she just sees the doll was felt in the floor and nothing else. So to rid of them she decides to donate theses doll to the museum. So after she donates these dolls to the museum the voice has been stooped coming after that.  

Brown Brick Wall

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