The Abandoned and Cursed Ghost Town of Kuldhara why it is haunted still

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The Abandoned and Cursed Ghost Town of Kuldhara why it is haunted still

kuldhara the abounded Village

1 Village is abounded for last 170 year.

Kuldhara village is situated in jaisalmer district of Rajasthan. This village is abounded for the last  170 year.  This place is one of the most mysterious place of India because this village become abounded only and only in one night. And after many year nobody has understood why this place is abounded.

2  Many people living in this village before 200 year ago.

There are some story is there that why Kuldhara village is abounded. Around 200 year ago. There were bhramin living in this village. But once a king of that village is see the girl of the village and he wanted the girl in anyway. So he sent a notice to the village that if he does not sent  the girl to them then he attack the whole village and kill everyone.

3 Village become abounded at night

By listening this all the 5000 Bhramin villager were decide  not to give the girl to the king. So at night all the Bhramin villager were vacant the village. And all the village become abounded from that time .  By leaving the village the villager give cursed that no one will be able to live here.

4 Many voice coming from village at night

By leaving this village many family have come and try to settle here but no one would able to settle here. Many people who were living near this village has said that they were hearing some strange voice coming from this village at night.

kuldhara the abounded Village

5 Treassure beneath the village

No one visited this place after sunset and many rumor were their that at underground of this  many  underground tunnel were their and in that tunnel many precocious treasure were hidden. Many people were try to go inside this tunnel and try to find this treasure and those who have go  inside this tunnel have never return from that tunnel.

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