Kaisa pata kare ghar me bhot hai or find negative energy around you

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Kaisa pata kare ghar me bhot hai or find negative energy around you

1 Woke up at 3 am

First sign is that if you wake up at midnight at 3 am and not only one time. But many time then.You should understand that there is a negative energy is there in your house. Because the time of 3 am is considered. To be the most devil time. In this time the evil spirit become very powerful. And in many movie it is shown also.

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2 Feel presence of someone

You would always thing that. There is someone else in your house and if you would feel the presence of someone .But you cannot see them .You always heard the walking of someone .The laughing or crying of someone .You thing that someone is calling you. And someone is standing beside you and when you turn to see them no one would there.


3 Same scary dream coming many time and some cold you would feel

You always get a scary dream and that same dream is coming again and again .In that dream you would see that someone is trying to kill you. Wherever this evil spirit is there then at that place there is a silenced when you go there you smell that at that place something is dead and the smell of dead person is coming. At that place there is quite cold when you go there you feel that and at other place the temperature is normal.


4 EMF meter

Wherever this evil spirit is there you would feel some uncertain you would automatically understand that at that place there is some evil spirit .There is a device called. Emf meter. If you do not have emf meter the do not worry there is app also available if the emf meter show rating above then 80 then you would understand that there is some negative energy is there in your house.


5 Some haunted place

Some of the most haunted place where the people say that’. Some negative energy and even .In that place the people are not allow to visit is the bangardh fort and the Amityville .The Amityville is place in which many movie have been made.


6 What are these negative energy

Do you think that. The negative energy is residing in your home is come from where .These negative energy is the one. Who have been dead in that place or her dead body is buried in that place .Where your home is built. If you find some sort of sign like this. Then called paranormal  investigator .So that they would come and find what is wrong about your home.


7 What these negative energy want

 These negative energy is trying to say you something. That you would leave these place these place is belonged to them. Even something these negative energy. Would try to hurt you and even sometime these negative energy would try to possess you and kill you. Because these negative energy would not like you to stay you in these place. Because these place belong to him. 



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