The accidental invention of the Illuminati conspiracy and how they rule

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The accidental invention of the Illuminati conspiracy and how they rule


1 Worshiping the devil

You know that there is god and there is devil in this world  and in this world all the bad thing is happen due to devil . There is a secret group of society existing in today life and these society name is Illuminati. In these secret society all the people were following the devil and have given their spirit to the devil. They think that because of that  the devil give him lots of power and lots of money in a very few time.


2 Deal their spirit with devil

This is the reason so that many people were joining this society because they want money and fame . they have website of their in internet  and those who want to join them just go to these website and join the website and all these were fake or real I don’t know. Many expert believing that all illegal activity and terrorists attack were happen because of order of illuminati  many  rumor were their that those people who were become very famous must be a part of illuminati. The  member of illuminati have worshiping the devil.

Worship the devil

3 Formation of illuminati

Illuminati is a secret group of society that were found on  1 may 1776 in Bavaria today the part of Germany. Many big Businessman Politian are part of Illuminati . They all thought that they have the power to control this world and they think that they can established a new world.   Adam Weisput is the founder of illuminati society and he arrange freemasonar and give him training that not to give any information to other people.


4 The symbol of illuminati .

On may 1776 Weisput and his four student formed the Perfectibilists  taking the symbol as Owl of Minerva .In April 1778 the order become the illuminati order Massensnhausen  initially the most active expanding of the society. By the end of summer in 1778  the order has 27 member in five command. During the early period the order has three grade of Noviece , Minerval and illuminati Minerval. In this the member were given secret sign and password.


5 illuminati spreading their message

To spread their message to the normal spread they have many medium like TV show music and YouTube video  so that many people were join them . You don’t have to join illuminati because you have to give your spirit to devil and these is against god rule.

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