4 Things You Never Knew About the witch and their secret power

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4 Things You Never Knew About the witch and their secret power

1 Are they mortal or immortal?

I today modern  world we  have been become very advance in technology and the world like Vampire Werewolf  Zombie and witch is seem to be a folktale  story. But   it is true some unknown power exist in this world and we all are unaware of that power. It is believed that Dayan or witch is something is a women who perform some ritual to keep themselves alive forever and to gain some mysterious power and even for that the Dayan would give the life of animal and even the human being.

Burnt Book Near Skull

2 Marriage a human being to getting child

It is believed that Dayan or witch have only 6 year of life which mean that she could life only 6 year  and so that to become immortal she have to  give the life of animal or human being to the devil. Actually first she have to marriage a Male human being and after that she have to got  a child from her husband and after that she have to wait for one year when the child become one year she give her life to devil so that she would be become immortal.


3 Way to identify Witch or Dayan

The only way to identify that the girl is a witch or Dayan you should notice the following symptom first if she is a Dayan or witch her leg would be not straight but her leg would be backward. Second you should not see her image in any photo or mirror. Third is that the she would not go in front of some holy thing like in Mandir or church. Fourth she have a bad smell in his a body and even  some animal like dog barking on him when the dog see him. Fifth when she is anyplace and at that place something like cool is there and at that place no animal or bird coming there.


4 Way to Killed Dayan or Witch

Dayan or witch can be killed by many way you should also seen in Hollywood movie that the people killed the witches by burning them  or the people give dead by hanging him by a strong thread but you should also killed him by cutting his hair  should cut the head of him. Some witch is very powerful and even after she died her soul would alive and her soul would  take the revenge and the only solution is that you should burn all thing that were related to her and the special thing is you should burn her hair so that her soul would not affect him.  


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