The true story about the real-life haunted Annabelle doll and its mystery

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The true story about the real-life haunted Annabelle doll and its mystery

1 Movie based on Annabelle doll.

We have all watch the movie Conjuring and we have seen Annabelle doll in this movie after that this doll become very famous and the movie on Annabelle doll is also come in which the movie explained the story of Annabelle doll.


2  Annabelle dolls moving automatically.

The story of Annabelle doll is that ladies in 1970 purchase this doll from a antic shop for his daughter Dona. By receiving this doll Dona become very happy and as the time passes Dona realized that there is something mysterious about these doll. Dona realized that these dolls were automatically moving from his place. When Dona leave the doll at home in the sofa and when he come back he found that these doll were not in the sofa but were in the bed and there were no one in that house at that time.


3 The famous paranormal investigator come and takes always the doll.

After that many other mysterious thing were started and so because of these mysterious activity the ladies and his child Dona become very scare so that they because of these mysterious thing they called the famous paranormal investigator Ed and Lorraine Warren. The paranormal investigator come and takes the doll with them. But also the mysterious activity does not stop. So the paranormal investigator put this museum in her museum. After that the Mysterious activity stopped.

Ed and Lorraine Warren

4  A person challenge the doll and die in 3 hour.

In 2009 there is a person come in the museum of Ed and Lorraine Warren and challenge the Annabelle doll that if he has some power then he has to hurt him. And after three hour later the News come that the guy were die in a Road accident. Is it the reason that Annabelle doll is considered to be the most horror doll in today time? In today if you want to see these Annabelle doll you see these doll in the Warren’s museum.

Horror Annabelle Doll

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