What Is the Superman Curse and Which Stars Have died during production

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What Is the Superman Curse and Which Stars Have died during production

1 The created of first superman cartoon loose his jobs.

All of you must watch superman cartoon and movie. But  you don’t know that. Superman Franchise. Considered to be the most cursed Franchise. Because who were related to actor of that movie. Some accident were happen to them . The created of first superman cartoon Dave Fleischer and Max Fleischer.

The superman movie evolution

2 The first actor of superman  was  dead

The first superman live action film actor Kerk Elan has left his acting career. By say that. After playing the role of superman in superman movie. He had no interest  in playing any other role .Because of depression actor. Has gone in depression .And at the end. Kerk Elan consumed excess  amount of sleeping pill and he die.
Flying superman

3  Actor of superman suicide

Something similar is happen with George Reeves. Who played the role of superman  in superman movie. George Reeves had closed himself. At his hotel room and. Commit suicide.  The  acting partner of Gorges  Reeves have said that  after playing the role of superman. George Reeves have becoming strange  and he liked to stay alone .George Reeves thinking that he is wasting his life.

Superman hero commit suicide

4 Christopher Reeve  become paralyzed

The next victim of superman curse is lee .Lee who  had played the role of baby superman and he is also die .At the age of 16. Due to some mysterious reason  .In 1978 to 1995 four movie of superman come .In which the role of superman was played by. Christopher Reeve .But during horse ridding .Christopher Reeve was felt down and his back bone is broken  and .Christopher Reeve full body become paralyzed  Only his head were remained save and after 9 years he is dead.

Superman hero get paralysed

5 Many big actor rejected the role of superman

According to variety magazine .One report show that the blockbuster movie .Superman coming in 2006 had chosen the actor like Paul walker Jude law and Josh hornet .But everyone had say no  to play this role. Because in every Hollywood  the curse related to superman is Famous.

Variety magazines

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