The Hands Resist Him True story behind Haunted Painting and connection

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The Hands Resist Him True story behind Haunted Painting and connection

1 The painting that connect the other world

This painting were made by Bill Stoneham. When you see this painting carefully then you will see that this painting see the wall between another world and in our world. In this painting you will see a boy and a ugly and scary  dolls were standing near this boys and beside these boys a transparent wall was there and these walls many hands were trying to come to in this world. While making this painting the painter don’t think that this painting become cursed painting.

The Hands resist Him painting

2 The couple who brought these painting by Ebay

 The strange thing happening to this painting were started when these painting were sell by eBay in 2000  but a man. And a couple residing in California purchase these painting . When they set this painting in there home something strange were started happening in their home. The family member  feels that some unknown power were residing in their home. But all these thing were not so serious so they did not take these things seriously. But these is the biggest mistake of these couple. Something they feels that the boys and the dolls in that couple were started roaming in the house at night. But they thing that these all are their imagination so they did not take this thing seriously. At one time a guest were com e in their home so they talk all about paranormal thing that were happening to their home  to the guest .


3 The character of these painting were disappear.

Then the guest and the family member were decided to remove these painting so they go near that painting but buy seeing that painting all the member were surprised the boys dolls and the hands beside the boys were disappear from the painting. Although the guest see this painting First Time were not becoming so scare but the couple who brought this painting were  very scare.

The Hands resist Him painting

4 The printer got stopped buy printing these painting

Then after the couple sell this painting to a art gallery museum owner but they had already told about the cursed things happening to these painting. Although art gallery owner were very found about these type of painting so he did not pay attention about these things. After something  the owner released that  by buying these painting he had done a very big mistake. He also complain to paranormal society that at night very creepy voice were coming from near that painting. But after all this the owner did not want to remove these painting from her museum so he did a printout of that painting. But he did not do it because every time when he do it the printer stopped working .


5 At last the painting Seal

So after these he give these painting to smith art gallery but then after paranormal activity started happening in smith art gallery . Then after the suggestion of paranormal expert these painting got seal. Then after the paranormal activities  stopped.


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